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Nameless Origin

Official Launch(Beta)+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Nameless Origin (by Powersource Studio)

Survive with your colleagues in the desperate apocalypse to defeat the enemies.

You have to join forces with your colleagues to survive. Swap with your colleague who can better deal with them to defeat the characteristic enemies!

Nameless Origin

Earn and grow your colleagues armed with a powerful ultimate skill and exclusive battle packs!

Collect various weapons to become stronger and annihilate your enemies!

Nameless Origin

More colleagues, weapons and new areas will be updated in the future!

Nameless Origin

– Intuitive game structure without learning
– Powerful boss monsters that require a variety of strategies
– Combat system that is easily and quickly understood
– Ultimate skills with fancy effects that accentuate the character’s personality
– Growth through item farming
– Customizing characters in your own way through transcendence
– Sense of achievement that can be felt in every stage
– Extreme control required to survive
– Pleasure of wiping out numerous monsters

Nameless Origin
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