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Necro Knights

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Necro Knights (by Snow Cowl Games)

Become Necromancer and play Marwolaethik the board game with undead knights! It is a real necromancer board game! Play against Artifical Intelligence or Human in Hotseat. Also you can play internet duel with your friend or people around all the world.
Be the best of all Necromancers in the whole world! Customize your undead knights and your profile. Boast with your statistics to your friends.

Necro Knights
Necro Knights

Two Necromancers meet to play Marwolaethik, an eldest, necromantic game, which rules are rather simple. Although getting the pieces for the game is rather demanding. For it requires corpses of knights rising from their graves! Or knights whose will has been broken. Or those who have voluntarily surrendered to the rule of the necromancers. Knights are only pieces on the board, they fight to the death at will of necromancers!

Necro Knights
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