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NeoDeka: 9873 Century Strategy

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of NeoDeka: 9873 Century Strategy (by PRSC Games)

Nearly 2 million years have passed since humanity ventured into space. The influence of humanity has spread throughout the “Laniakea” cluster, and now enormous space structures called Orbital Objects revolve around most suitable stars. You are about to engage in a fierce battle for control over these Objects.

Object Capture

You are an Artificial Intelligence, a strategic-tactical machine partially trained in combat operations and capturing Orbital Objects.

You can expect:

— Battles against dozens of different enemies, each requiring an individual approach. At times, the enemy may seem invincible, but don’t give up; seek their weaknesses. Success is not guaranteed, but most enemies can be defeated. Well, mostly.

NeoDeka: 9873 Century Strategy

— The battle is fought with combat ships transported by the Deka, a special ship under your control. The combat is automated, so the key is to choose the ships wisely, allocate upgrades, and arrange them in the correct order.

— Ships have strengths and weaknesses. They all have synergies with other ships and counters. Discover each ship for yourself. Study, experiment, learn.

NeoDeka: 9873 Century Strategy

— Various Orbital Objects that await you, each revealing a piece of the world you immerse yourself in. Each capture of even a single Object is unique: the map is generated, and neutral combat ships, with which you will fight, change.


— Hardcore gameplay at high levels. Yes, it’s going to be really hard out there. A real test for true professionals. This isn’t about planting crops or matching three in a row. But the pleasure of defeating a Level 8 Deka with two L3 ships is priceless.

NeoDeka: 9873 Century Strategy

— Convenient gameplay process. Play as much as you want, whenever you want. For a bit of your time, you can conquer a dozen Dekas and capture a couple of Objects.

— Non-intrusive monetization. No “pause” sales during battles, no overpowered ships for money. Buy the “Amplifier” module and play at your leisure. Or don’t buy it. It’s up to you.

— Evolving storyline and gameplay. We plan to continuously develop the project, so don’t miss the opportunity to follow the world’s progress: the emergence and changes of ships, Dekas, and Objects. Numerous new gameplay mechanics, modes, UI improvements, and much more are planned. The game is like a living organism, and you will witness how this “organism” grows and matures.

NeoDeka: 9873 Century Strategy

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