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New Horizons

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The description of New Horizons

Enjoy and understand managing the energy business
The galaxy is in energy crisis.

You will play as an agent of “New Horizons” unit exploring to the edge of the galaxy to search for the new energy source, which is the galaxy’s only hope

In the game, you will find:
Tons of energy sources waiting for you to discover
Ways to learn how to develop the potential of being the greatest energy provider of the galaxy

New Horizons

Experts for you to collect to join your team and evolve your discovered planet to be the leading galaxy’s energy source

New Horizons
New Horizons
New Horizons

Energy trading, which you have to watch for the galaxy’s demand and supply to make the best deal

Loads of energy business challenges for you to solve
Leader board for the top energy provider

– Decorations for your discovery planet and visits to your New Horizons friend’s

New Horizons

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