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GUNS UP! Mobile

Expected Oct 13, 2021

The description of GUNS UP! (by NHN Corp.)

Take your army onto the battlefield and wreak havoc on other players in this new action packed Strategy & Defense game!

A call to all Commanders out there:

The world is at war, and it is up to you to rise up and lead us to VICTORY!

GUNS UP! ™ Mobile is an online PvP strategy game that brings a new twist to Tower Defense battles. Build an army, send your troops into battle and support your soldiers. Give them orders and back them up with your choice of deployments, from tanks to airstrikes! A ton of content awaits in this new take on a PlayStation® classic!

GUNS UP! Mobile
New iOS pre-orders

Metal Slug : Commander

Expected Aug 19, 2021

The description of Metal Slug (by SNK CHINA Co., Ltd.)

Many years have passed since the last space invader war, and the wounds that the war brought to the earth have gradually been healed.

However, peace is always short-lived, and new regional disputes are beginning to appear around the world. The headquarters has gathered outstanding commanders from all over the world to create a tenacious force to resist the new threat that is coming.

Metal Slug : Commander
New iOS pre-orders

Magnum Quest

Expected Aug 13, 2021

The description of Magnum Quest (by Tuyoo Games)

Defeat your enemies in this 3D visually-stunning RPG strategy game!

An Imaginative IDLE RPG. Become a wise and powerful master, an amazing Hands-free adventure for you. Easy to play, Fun to win!

Start a great adventure in this visually-stunning 3D RPG strategy game and have fun with players from all around the world.

New iOS pre-orders

Epic Master – Endless Battle

Expected Aug 23, 2021

The description of Epic Master (by JOYPEAK)

Multi role-playing turn-based rpg Game. The initial magicians revived, call for the brave spirits from legends, build up the strongest troops, fight for the world!

Epic Master is a Multi role-playing turn-based card-raising rpg Game. The initial magicians revived in the history, come to the world which is beyond recognition because of the interference of the grail, call for the brave spirits from legends, build up the strongest troops of human, fight against enemies and forces lurking in the dark, to fight for the guardian of human world! Activities such as off-line hanging up, monster challenge, expedition, etc. are waiting for you to explore!

The Matching Dead

Expected Aug 11, 2021

The description of The Matching Dead (by 37GAMES)

To anyone who survived the zombie apocalypse:

If you are reading this, well, congratulations! You haven’t been turned into a zombie. 3 months ago, a zombie virus infected 90% of the population of this city. Only a few lucky people like you and me managed to survive. Now, you need to build a shelter, recruit survivors and collect weapons to fight off the zombies.

Here are some tips for you

New iOS pre-orders

Tycoon Hamster Cookie Factory 

Expected Aug 20, 2021

The description of Tycoon Hamster Cookie Factory (by mafgames)

You became the owner of the Cookie making shop.

Are you ready to play Cookie making games with levels?

Improve your Cookie factory and hire hamster managers.

Create the most delicious Cookie in this cake making games,

Hamster tycoon is cake shop games in levels.

Tycoon Hamster Cookie Factory
New iOS pre-orders

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