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New Nobunaga’s Ambition

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of New Nobunaga’s Ambition (by HKBBGL)

Travel through time into Sengoku. Partner with famous Sengoku Warlords like Samurai and Ninja, and realize your ambition on the battlefield strategically!

Back to Sengoku
You will see the authentic map of the Sengoku Period and historical castles reproduced in 1:1. As you travel through time into the Shogunate Era, you will have showdowns against players from all over the world.

New Nobunaga's Ambition

Sengoku Warlords Emerge
Hundreds of famous Sengoku warlords await you here. You can browse the classic Tachies and read appealing character stories. Which is your preference? Samurai or Ninja? Recruit and fight with them bravely on the battlefield together!

New Nobunaga's Ambition

Samurai Gear
Weapon, Helmet, Armor, quick forging advanced gears. Match gears with your favorite Warlords to enhance attributes and power!

New Nobunaga's Ambition

Unit Restraint
Each kind of unit restrains the other. For example, the brave and skilled Cavalry restrains the elusive Ninja. You need to match the unit based on what kind of warlords you have, and design tactics to turn the tide, defeating enemy troops with a force inferior in number.

New Nobunaga's Ambition

Falcon Deployment
The falcon is a loyal partner of Warlords. Through taming and training, the falcon’s combat capabilities can be improved. When paired with Warlords in battle, it will bring miraculous effects!

New Nobunaga's Ambition

Live for 50 years Just Like a Dream.
Return to the unique Sengoku Period with Oda Nobunaga to realize your ambition!

New Nobunaga's Ambition

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