New Swordsman

Official Launch(TH) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

Project start: 11:00 28.10.2021

The description of New Swordsman (by Perfect World Games)

Classic storyline
Based on the classic Martial Arts novel by Kim Yong, the storyline “Krabi Yay Yut Chak” appears as predicted. And the Shadow Sect wants you to control the entire battle and report back immediately.
Ready to investigate the most mysterious murder of the family of the year!

Make friends with famous fighters
Stepping into the battle will not be lonely anymore. Make friends with various fighters such as Tongfang, Pupa, Ling Hu Chong, Ren Wo Sing, etc., whether talking, giving gifts, visiting homes, interacting, building relationships between both parties to become more close. so that they can be your strongest support.

New Swordsman

Top elective courses to practice as you wish
this battle Full of cool and powerful martial arts techniques such as Nine Lonely Swords, Star Sucking Magic, Death Talisman…etc.
The Shadow Sect hopes that you can become a Grandmaster that people all over the world revere. And must seize the opportunity to learn all these supernatural arts!

New Swordsman

Boundless Skill Combo
Unleash continuous combos to outsmart your winnings! You can choose different martial techniques and internal powers. devise your own strategy Krabi Yay Yut Chak I won’t lose to anyone!

New Swordsman

Social Diversity
The people of the Shadow Sect all had their own momentum area. You can use messages, pictures, videos, etc. to save your life status to others. Take this opportunity to share and maybe you will find the other half of your life.

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Available: Google Play / App Store – Thai

New Swordsman

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