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Nick is Killer

Official Launch + Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Nick is Killer (by WB Gaming Ltd)

The official announcement: “We are a team that does not know how to live and die. Made a still in the super super super early, super relaxed and casual scenario-based killer game. If we were to use a few key words to describe this game, it would be: role-playing, tense, exciting, escape room, deduction, situational social.”
— lol (Don’t expand your imagination.)

Actual situation: several game industry OG’s that are having a mid-life crisis. Do not want to do commercial games anymore, so it is impossible to find a job. Influenza epidemic when there is nothing to do at home. Can not go out, so a few friends to play a board game addiction. We came across an online game that was hot, so we made a more interesting one to pass the time, and we got serious about doing it.

Follow-up plan: while developing the game, we developed some mods and some AI algorithms and art algorithms. I wanted to do a sandbox game, but I didn’t have the money. Can only first put the game up to see if you can earn a little advertising money. For the follow-up product to continue to develop additional funds, the game is all free in the future.

-The game features -? Sort of .

–Secret room escape, a variety of occupations. (No need to look closely, almost all other games are written like this, copied from the introduction.)
Trapped in an underwater prison, claustrophobic. Thugs, traitors, sheriffs, priests, civilians, multi-professional identity role-playing, malicious intentions, each with ulterior motives, thinking very carefully! (Add an extra exclamation point, look more emotional.)

Nick is Killer

(Add an exclamation point to look more emotional) — super fun brain-burning tasks. (Programmers are lazy, so they do a lot of brainless tasks.
Refuse to repeat tasks. Think about how to complete the closure of destroyed valves, peeling potatoes and other amusing tasks. And vote for the lurking thugs to win! In the game, remember to pay attention to the people around you, beware of being killed!!! (Add one more exclamation point.)

Nick is Killer

— One click to follow, open friend mode. (The game planner is a dude and wants to make a friend in the game)
One click to focus on sexy players to become friends, confide in each other and cheat each other. You can send rockets, send sports cars. Only for the glamorous queen with high technology and beautiful voice in your heart. You can also send flowers and chocolates to confess to the skilled heroine. (Playboy or low-key good.)

Nick is Killer

— Real-time voice, anytime, anywhere with a small partner voice. (In fact, voice messages, real-time voice is too noisy, older developers ears can not stand.)
About three or five friends online game, chat voice soar acting. You can speak sincerely, but also do not have to blush to lie and cheat. No need to worry about friendship, it’s all about winning !!!! (Add one more exclamation point.)

Nick is Killer

–Attached tutorial, the best choice for players who can’t play. (Play it twice more to understand it anyway.)
Comprehensive new guide, always remind you of the mission objectives, simple rules of operation, so you become a second “old player” steal fast sneak attack !!!!!

Nick is Killer
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