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NightFable: Trinity

Early access – Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of NightFable: Trinity (by Delta Games)

“NightFable: Trinity” is a mobile game built with HTML5 technology, which combines many elements of turn based strategy games and presents a new adventure continent. You can collect tons of heroes and build unique teams!


Everyone gets a large amount of free summons to build their team!

Sign in for rare legendary heroes, all heroes can be unlocked for free!


– Synthesize the heroes YOU want! Don’t have to rely on RNG anymore!

– 5 factions, room for strategy

NightFable: Trinity

Faction characteristic talents, character personality development, reasonable collocation, and easy to create your own combat team!

– Idle Combat, come back for free loot! –

NightFable: Trinity

One click to collect and fight separately, blitzing and progressing the map easily! Team members enjoy experience and double speed buff!

– Full return of materials and non-destructive cultivation

NightFable: Trinity

Super conscience inheritance system, reset and return all cultivation materials, waste 0 resources, this wave is in place!

Click below to make an appointment and immediately experience the happiness of leading your own destiny!

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NightFable: Trinity
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