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Nindou Combat Festival (Cn)

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The description of Nindou Combat Festival (忍豆:新世代)

Ninto Beans: New Generation] is a real-time online PVP game. In the distant ancient east, there are two large islands. One is “Maoyu Island” where people live, and the other is ghosts “” Ghost Island “, these two islands are widely known as” one inch country “. On the island of Maoyu, a mysterious young man traveling and carrying a delivery box in his hand predicted that an ominous event would occur in this country, so he set out to explore the country. The One Inch Fighting Conference has been held, but its purpose is not to be a player, but to secretly gather masters from all walks of life who can fight the evil forces that are about to meet …


It is a mobile fighting game that tests the player’s skills, but is very easy to use. Each character has their own combat method and special skills. Flexible use will determine the final battle decision.


The game interface is simple and straightforward, rich in introductory characters and exquisite patterns, so fans of the collection will not give up on it


Five features of the game:
Japanese characters, Japanese dubbing
Battle in real time, start anytime
Various combat methods test your skills
Friends fight together and enjoy together
Various characters will delight collecting


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