Nine Heavens God’s Domain

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💡 Platform – Android

Languages: Chinese

The description of 九霄神域 (by The Invincible Company)

[Reversing the destiny, writing a legend]
You are destined to be chosen, but in pursuit of the ultimate immortal way, the road you have traveled will be full of thorns! So you practiced peerless martial arts, and you changed your life by breaking the mirror layer by layer! Various career systems, multiple gorgeous career transfers, one account, enjoy the ever-changing cultivation of immortals and write legends together!


[Original spirit awakens, one sword soars]
Three realms and seven realms, who controls the ups and downs.
Bloodline Awakening is a gorgeous transformation. You have dazzling skills, special effects, massive fashion, and beautiful matching to create an exclusive gorgeous look. Enjoy the solitary where the screen explodes and others worship. Participate in the world’s BOSS challenge gameplay, ride on the pet riding to enjoy the 360-degree flight of the four seas and the eight deserts, and enjoy the full-sensory experience of the fairy tales.


[Hundred demons walk at night, establish a faction to eliminate demons]
In the wonderland of the blue sea, hundreds of demons breed; those who slay demons and eliminate demons are born into immortals, and the principles of heaven return.
The rise of the wind and the clouds gathers the immortals, conferred gods, and become kings, experience VIP privileges, and enjoy tens of thousands of people worshipping the founding faction and forming a team to slaughter demons. Cultivators gather outside the sect to form an immortal alliance, help each other, and cultivate together to become immortals. They will never be alone on the road to immortality!


[Fighting with confidants, together with the floating star sea]
Half-life streamer cultivated into immortal, Three Realms Dream Shadow continued immortal fate.
Make friends with like-minded brothers and sisters in Xianmeng, wait for those who are destined to cultivate the way of heaven and earth together, the world is full of life, encounter romantic fairyland love in Xianjing, know each other, fall in love, blind date, Xianlu confidantes often accompany, Shuangxiu guards the fairyland together Taiping, giving birth to a baby, sending flowers, daily high-frequency interaction, hand in hand with the love of a lifetime, and jointly create a fairy couple!

[One thought becomes a fairy, one thought becomes a demon]
It is rumored that the top of the extreme realm is printed with the way of ascension, and the demons from all directions gather at the top of the extreme realm. Once the millennium opens, the good and the evil will gather and slaughter! It is a chance and a talent to fight against the front with the body of a mortal, and to step out of the road of immortality against the sky. The fate of defying the sky, the bumpy road, the meeting of all extinctions, everything will be gone!

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