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Official Launch (Beta) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Nova Battles (by Nova Battles)

Competitive ability, awareness and teamwork are just some of the skills needed to succeed at NovaBattles! Through our 3v3 game modes, players are pushed to the limits in mobile gaming, making sure that talent really does pay. At the same time, through cleverly designed mechanics, a two-tiered currency in place. An in-game gold coin can be used to buy a number of collectables, including our super Heroes!

NovaBattles presents to you a free, PVP, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) suitable for players of all types and ages! No matter if you’re a casual gamer, or a seasoned professional – there’s something for everyone!


– Gem Grab: It’s survival of the fittest as players race to collect 10 gems as quickly as possible.

– Tower Defense: It’s defense vs attack in this game mode, as teams try to capture the opponent’s tower as quickly as possible, whilst simultaneously defending their own!

– Team Battle: One of the classics. Hunt or be hunted. The first team to get ten kills wins.

– Join our community in having a say over our new game modes. Maybe you’ll create the next one…

Nova Battles
Nova Battles


– Equip your heroes with a variety of skills in addition to their respective signature abilities – with more skill combinations and strategies to survive longer on the battlefield. They are divided into six individual abilities and four team abilities:

+ Speed bonus: Short-term personal movement speed boost.
+ Heal: A skill that instantly restores health.
+ Shield: A shield skill that absorbs damage.
+ Dash: An instantaneous displacement skill.

Stay tuned for new abilities and perks, with new versions of the game!

Nova Battles
Nova Battles


– Free to play, with free heroes and skills.
-In Game Rewards – limited edition events with leaderboard challenges, and more
– Get rewards for every achievement and milestone you reach!
– Ranking system with generous rewards for top tier players.
– Tournaments – battles of the best.
– A passionate and active community.

Gather your friends and get ready for NovaBattles.
We’re ready. Are you?

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