Nova Heroes


Official Launch

In a last-ditch attempt to save humanity from destruction, scientists uploaded everyone’s consciousness on to a supercomputer.

Unfortunately, a rogue AI has taken it over, and now you are stuck along with everyone in this twisted simulation. God-playing AI divided humanity into different classes and different avatars. You and your team of “Heroes” will have to traverse this twisted digital landscape and free what’s left of humanity.

Collect and Master Your Heroes.
Different Heroes with different abilities. Focus on one team or assemble a separate unit for different situations, the choice is yours — multiple ways of collecting, leveling, and upgrading your Heroes to defeat those who stand in our way.

Nova Heroes

AutoBattles means it grinds so you won’t have to.
Don’t waste your time or your battery life. With AutoBattle, you can complete multiple quests and challenges at once. Your Heroes will continue to grind it out and gather resources for you whenever you go offline. Comeback to a bag full o loot and decide on your next steps every time.

Nova Heroes

PVP Arena and Guilds
Compete to be the best solo or in a team environment. Unique bonuses and prizes for those who are determined to be the best of the best. Different competitions for different styles of players. Find the guild that’s suited for you and your team to get the most out of your Heroes.

Events and Updates
Always changing events and constant updates help keeps the game fresh and exciting for older and newer players alike. Jump right into the action with bonuses that help you get your Nova Heroes to their Max.

A Nova World.
Face the world as the AI imagines it. The vengeful AI has sorted humanity into different factions based on their motivations in the real world, deeming them “Heroes” in this Nova world. Progress through the various stages and unlock the mysteries hidden within.

Nova Heroes Gameplay Android | New Mobile Game
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Status: Official Launch
Nova Heroes Gameplay Android | New Mobile Game
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