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Oasis Os Survival


The description of Oasis Os Survival

Oasis Os Survival: Breakthrough is a rouglike ARPG with simple operation, the game has two type of attack (melee, ranged) for players to choose into the challenge, different professional has various buff, a variety of weapons attack in different ways, different ultimate skills, which gives players diverse gaming experience.
The hopeful and dangerous road to the oasis is about to open. Are the brave survivors ready? Let’s break out together!


Developer’s words:
Hello to all the brave survivors!
This game is composed of five small team developed a winter of work, we want to give it a cool feeling of striking while keep it strategic and challenging for the operation, hope the Oasis Os Survival: Breakthroughwill allow the survivors to embrace random buff matching and different attack mode ,ultimate skill from different weapons that bring different pleasure experience!!


We will open the beta test on Xx, the initial release is test version, does not represent the final quality. We hope brave survivors can participate in the feedback and give their opinions, we will keep concerning!!


What we have been pursuing is optimize and improve the game,that gives the player a dozen of a refreshing feeling,a better sense of operation,to make it we will constantly devote to improve the quality!!! Welcome to make an appointment! Do not hesitate to give comment !!!

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