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Oath of Knights

Early Access(Test)+Apk – Canada

💡Platform – Android

The description of Oath of Knights (by Indrasoft HK)

The ultimate mix of strategy, tactics, and match 3!

The year is 1026. A seemingly simple palace intrigue has morphed into absolute calamity. The Brujería Crystal has been unleashed and its immense power threatens to bring devastation to all corners of the Earth. Evil abounds, but hope has not yet abdicated. With sharp blades and molten courage, you shall lead the knights and bring order to the land—for once and for all!

Oath of Knights is a story-driven, medieval match three strategy game. Develop your fort, unlock new heroes, forge gear, and assemble multiple hero formations as you battle your way through 20+ chapters of story, PvP matches, and alliance warfare.


✔ Collect – Add 100+ battle ready heroes and troops!

✔ Strategize – Mix and match 10 different classes of tanks, healers, DPS, and crowd control hero types to form a variety of powerful line ups.

Oath of Knights

✔ Explore – Fight your way through 20+ chapters of rich, narrated plot lines and story content.

✔ Indulge – Immerse yourself in a Cthulhu-themed medieval world, crafted with painstaking detail.

Oath of Knights

✔ Build – Upgrade your fort with training camps, foundries, and other structures to bolster your armies.

✔ Unite – Join friends and form an alliance! Team up and take on other teams in multiplayer alliance battles.

Oath of Knights

Official website http://cn.knights.indra.games/EN/

Oath of Knights

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