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Official Launch – Release SEA + APK

Official Launch – EU, AM, Oceania + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

Release December 7th.

The description of OCTOPATH TRAVELER: CotC (by Exptional Global)

[Officially Licensed by Square Enix. The latest title from the prominent Japanese pixel strategy game series]
The latest mobile title of the classic pixel brand IP series, “Octopath Traveler”, telling a new story that takes place on the continent of Orsterra.
Players will embark on adventures and experience an immersive fantasy world created by both the meticulously crafted 3D pixel art scenes (HD-2D) and the solemn, grand background music, going through many plot stories that are either heavy, warm, or joyful.

Game Worldview
On the continent of Orsterra, there exist rings imbued with divine power. Three of the rings fell into the hands of three evildoers, who used the rings to fulfill their desires for wealth, power, and fame, becoming the tyrants ruling this continent. Their endless hunger plunged the once-peaceful continent into utter chaos.
On this continent gradually being eroded by darkness, you will become the “chosen one of the ring” and embark on an adventure, confronting the masters of wealth, power, and fame. Meet travelers of eight different jobs during the adventure and invite them to the journey to defeat the evil forces together!

Game Features
Inheriting the gameplay of the Octopath Traveler series, creating another JRPG classic masterpiece
The title features an intricately crafted main storyline, classic turn-based battles, and a great atmosphere of a “solo immersive RPG”, allowing you to enjoy a full console gaming experience on your phone.


Enhanced pixel art, creating a 3DCG fantasy world
The visuals continue the HD-2D pixel fantasy style of the previous title, combining 3D CG visual effects with pixel art to present an enchanting game world.


Form a team of 8 and strategize combos with 8 unique jobs for tactical battles
There are a total of 8 jobs in the game: Warrior, Dancer, Merchant, Scholar, Apothecary, Thief, Hunter, and Cleric.
Each job has its own unique stats and characteristics. Players can choose to build an 8-member team with different jobs for battle based on their personal preferences.


Three main storylines, with an immersive experience in the Chosen One’s fateful journey
The protagonist, the one chosen by the divine ring, is destined to confront the evil ones and restore peace to the continent.
“Wealth”, “Fame”, and “Power”. Which of the story would you choose to begin your journey?


Unique Path Actions that allow you to get more resources for the journey from NPCs
In towns, you can obtain various in-game resources by inquiring about information from NPCs, purchasing items from them, or even hiring them.


Top-notch soundtrack for the ultimate gaming experience
Soundtracks in the game are all crafted by Yasunori Nishiki, and recorded live. The game also features tracks from “Octopath Traveler”, alongside numerous original songs composed exclusively for this title. Together, the music brings the vivid narrative world to life.

Ace voice actors bring unique travelers to life

Official website

👇 Available: Google Play / App Store – SEA


👇 Official Launch – EU, AM, Oceania

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