Offensive And Defensive Battle

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The description of Offensive And Defensive Battle (by WaterCrane Games)

The Three Kingdoms you thought were both liver and gold; the Three Kingdoms in the battle of offense and defense, give you freedom!
With the strongest lineup, players and allies fight together, ambushed with the enemy, from a local hero to a one-sided overlord, to achieve the situation of unifying the Three Kingdoms, and restore the real strategy of the Three Kingdoms battlefield.
Join the “Battle of Offensive and Defensive” and send Guan Yu! Zhang Fei! Zhao Yun! Huang Zhong! Ma Chao!

Game Features
No wartime, no need to pave the road
Full free game experience, say goodbye to paving the ground and staying up late to burst your liver, collect full map resources arbitrarily, and attack the occupied territory at any time. Occupying a level resource land and a city for the first time can also get extra rich occupation packs. You are the master of your Three Kingdoms!


Gather the stars to decide the world
Become in love with the generals of the Three Kingdoms, experience the combination of strategic fetters, combine the strongest lineup in the entire tour, and dominate the arena. Eighty-three generals of the Three Kingdoms, Wei, Shu, and Wu Qun have four camps. A team can have up to six generals, subverting the tradition of three-person SLG teams. More generals are waiting for you to form!


A group of heroes fight for the deer, a bloody battle
The 250,000-square sand table terrain covers the four major areas of Jingxiang, Jiangdong, Xiliang and Guanzhong. Thousands of troops, besiege the city immediately! Fight a fierce battle of a hundred alliances and win the strongest hero once. The Three Kingdoms battlefield that is within your reach will show you the charm of strategy and hand-to-hand combat.


Conscience operation, no liver and no krypton
The best military generals will be sent non-stop. At the beginning of the game, you will send the famous general of Shu [Zhao Yun], and if you log in continuously, there will be more generals such as [Dong Zhuo] and [Huang Zhong] waiting for you to collect! Conscience operation, 1 free card draw every day, 1 half-price card draw, 5 free fundraisers; five consecutive draws guarantee red generals or orange generals, and a limited-time card pool with ultra-high explosion rate will appear!

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