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Offline RPG: God of Magic

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The description of Offline RPG: God of Magic

God of Magic is a fantasy text-adventure infused with six mini-games. You are a GOD in this rich world: you guide a cheeky wizard kid on his journey, you make decisions for him and shape his world’s fate. The mini-games serve as challenges you can play and skills you can upgrade, like Lock picking, Spell casting, Logic, Dexterity, etc. You can also collect magical items and avatars that increase your skill levels. The colorful, cute characters, backgrounds and sounds create the most immersive text-adventure experience to date. Escape dangers, discover secrets, talk to others…or even fall in love!

Offline RPG: God of Magic

 Choice game – God of Magic 3 is the next step in the genre of fantasy rpg, a text-based choose your own adventure game with several mini games, skills, challenges, puzzles and riddles to solve. You help a young wizard on his quest, using magic, learning sorcery and upgrading skills with interactive games.

Offline RPG: God of Magic

 A medieval fantasy investigation – You are wizard, solving a crime! This texting game is child friendly, so no murder, but still the thrill of a murder mystery, where you choose your own path as a detective in an investigation, finding the telltale clues to uncover the magical mystery.

 My story – Unlike many quest games and interactive stories, in this text based game your choices matter. You might have tried Choices stories you play or Chapters interactive stories, but in this medieval fantasy adventure you really choose your story, making it feel like ‘my adventure’. If you love games, especially a good story game, turn based rpg, text games or offline games, this adventure rpg is definitely for you as one of the best narrative games. It is the most unique choice of game there is with the best story.

Offline RPG: God of Magic
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