Olympus: Idle Legends



💡Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Olympus: Idle Legends (by ALL9FUN Limited)

War of Gods
Medusa, Hades, Zeus… There are hundreds of gods.
The ancient myths will continue as the Gods fight in chaos!

Strategy is Key
From 5 classes and dozens of Gods, strategize and build your team with unique synergy, such as bleed team, speed build, CC build, etc! With rune system, class restraint and different formations, you can turn the tide of battles!

Olympus: Idle Legends

Non-Stop Gameplay
The battle continues even you log off, reap a variety of rewards when you next log in. There are a lot of free rewards along with many activities and endless excitement!

Role Development
Level up, equip, forge epic gears, and build your ultimate team from a range of Gods to overcome your enemies in battle. Use your strategy to polish your tactical skills. Gods in the same class can also share artifacts!
Co-op with Your Guild
Call your members to join the fight against the enemies. Forge your guild and fight in guild wars. Aspire to lead the strongest guild in God’s World and crush other Guild!

Olympus: Idle Legends

Various Modes
Abyss Trial, Temple of Ares, Labyrinth of Minos… Enjoy roguelike gameplay and start an exciting adventure! Form your powerful mythical characters into an indestructible force! With cross-server PVP, you can enjoy the thrilling battles.
Let’s see who can rule the world?

Olympus: Idle Legends

After The Pandora’s Box was opened, disaster struck another world! The chosen warriors are the last hope of mankind.
“Summon the Gods and Save the World!”
Casual RPG “Olympus: Idle Legends” now hits the market.
Revive the Greek mythology and save another world.
Adventure awaits you!

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Olympus: Idle Legends
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