One Punch Man x Grand Summoners (TW)


Official Launch + Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of 神魔召喚GS (by Mobimon Inc.)

Published by the Japanese toy manufacturer GOOD SMILE COMPANY and jointly produced by the game development company NextNinja, the world’s most popular Japanese combat pixel RPG “Summons of Gods and Demons GS” has surpassed 7 million downloads worldwide, and the strongest man “One Punch Man” has been confirmed in conjunction public! Players who complete the pre-login will be the first to obtain the role of “Devil’s Biochemical Man Jenos”!


The most popular Japanese pixel fighting RPG-God Summon GS
Game Features


Good Smile Company’s ingenuity masterpiece-the most popular Japanese battle pixel RPG
Challenge your arcade soul with a total of more than 300+ high-quality action pixel characters in history


The Japanese kingly book RPG expands the plot with 10 million words
Describe the rich plots of memory'' andkizuna”, and create an endless war epic of gods'' anddevils”.


Good Smile Company, a large Japanese toy company, brings huge animation and movie IP resources
Create the industry’s highest-quality action pixel masterpiece, IP linkage cooperation is detonating! !

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One Punch Man x Grand Summoners (TW)One Punch Man x Grand Summoners (TW)One Punch Man x Grand Summoners (TW)

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