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Open Space: Over Field

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 開放空間:Over Field (by Exptional Global)

It is a story that explores the fantastic world of reality and imagination, science and mystery, and truth and fiction.

World view
The rotor laboratory is located in the commercial district of the coastal region.
We are recruiting new members.

Open Space: Over Field

You joined the lab as the leader of the exploration unit.
I decided to explore another world called “Overfield”.

Open Space: Over Field

There, you will experience unexpected events and meet friends to explore together.
In the end, he faces the danger of extinction from another world.
The truth behind Overfield will be revealed.

Open Space: Over Field

Daily life with unique members
As a leader of an exploration unit, form your own team.
Deepen your bonds with your friends through an adventure that goes back and forth between “Genjitsu” and “Field”

Explore the mysterious overfield
The main city, the bottling alley, the world of cherry blossoms…all beautiful, like an animated movie, and a beautiful miniature world that imitates the real world.
But danger lurks within the dream-like overfield.
Let’s explore the truth of Overfield while enjoying a free adventure.

Open Space: Over Field

High degree of freedom customization
Show off your creativity with various dress-up and My City renewal features!
Furthermore, you can freely edit the clothes and hair color!

Open Space: Over Field

Exciting party with everyone
Seaside barbecue, beach soccer…you can also kill time with your friends at Garden Rotor, the player’s base! Enjoy the time you can only spend here with everyone♪

Are you ready to explore the truth?

Available: Google Play – Japan

Official – X (Twitter)

Open Space: Over Field

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