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ORC: Vengeance – GameClub

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The description of ORC: Vengeance – GameClub

Step into the over-sized boots of Rok, an orc warchief whose people have been taken and made to serve a wicked would-be world conqueror. Smash skulls, bash bats, and mash mages as you advance your revenge-fueled mission: to take down the Dark Lord’s army, piece by piece.

ORC: Vengeance

Follow the sweeping story of revenge and uncover the long-lost books of the ancients to find out the real origins your enemy. Enjoy the classic action-RPG gameplay and stylish 3D graphics in on a quest with hours of action and adventure. Play Orc: Vengeance and see why it was selected by Apple as one of the Showpiece Games of 2012.

upports MFi, XBox, and PlayStation Controllers

– An Epic Action-RPG: Classic hack-and-slash gameplay bursting with great loot!

ORC: Vengeance

– Incredible Gear: Find or buy an assortment razor-sharp swords, bone-crushing warhammers, lethal axes, stalwart shields, and more!

ORC: Vengeance

– Awesome Skills: Wield magic, use advanced melee techniques, and summon devastating earthquakes to take down your foes!

– Character Customization: Will you focus on strength to crush your enemies, luck to improve the quality of the loot you find, or something else?

– Deadly Monsters: Take on skeleton hordes, blood-thirsty bats, poisonous spiders, undead ghouls, and some truly nasty bosses!

– Hidden Levels: Finding these secret levels is one thing, but beating them is something else altogether. Can you conquer them?

– Multiple Control Styles: Choose from two different control schemes to find the one that suits you best.

ORC: Vengeance
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