Origin of Wind


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💡Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 风之起源 (by MIKO GAME)

Origin of the Wind is an extreme fantasy RPG mobile game. It focuses on multi-world adventure, map development, and strategically winning card gameplay. Players can summon various groups of gods in the game to join you on adventures and more. Tower of Sacrifice, Star Adventure, Crystal Battlefield and more gameplay await for you to get involved. Come and embark on the adventure together and regain your original touch of playing with the gods!

Adventure in a mysterious world, the beginning of an extreme fantasy journey
The game has an original fantasy world plot, and the ultra-wide battle map allows you to entertain yourself in different ways on different maps!

The combinations of gods are not limited, and the composition can be changed at will
The game has different lineups of gods from all sides. Players are free to team up and choose the best combination of gods for you. There’s also a one-click change so you can cultivate the gods however you like!

Great benefits are free and rare gods can log in
Newbie players can get 200 draws in a row for free, as well as Huge Diamonds and Rare Gods for free, allowing you to play the game stress-free!

Multiple PVP competitions, experience super real combat combos
The game features ultra-realistic combo battles allowing you to use unique combat skills in PVP to start the perfect battle with God against others!

Wars of various world brigades, create the strongest alliance in the entire server
An exclusive battle corps can be created in the game, and players can attract more top travelers to join them in order to create the strongest alliance on the entire server!

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Available: Google Play / App Store – SEA countries

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