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Orphans – Die Waisen – DE

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Orphans – Die Waisen (by SponsorAds GmbH & Co.KG)

A group of young people is looking for a new location for their “Lost Places” channel. You come across an old, abandoned orphanage, which is already surrounded by many dark legends. Someone finds your number there, seemingly by accident, and you become part of this group. In this way, you experience from the start what is happening to the others.

Orphans – Die Waisen

Because what begins as a harmless excursion ends in a seemingly hopeless horror trip. Not only that the fog is getting denser and the cameras are starting to show disturbing images. No, suddenly the contact with the outside world breaks off again and again. Help the group find out what dark secrets lie behind these ancient walls. Is there even a curse on this abandoned building? What really happened in that orphanage back then?

Orphans – Die Waisen

“Orphans” is an interactive thriller with goose bumps guaranteed.

Your decisions not only affect the course, but also the ending of this interactive mystery game. Become a part of this gripping horror story now.

Communicate with the different characters via a messenger. Unravel the dark secrets surrounding the orphanage and find out what is behind the many disturbing events

Orphans – Die Waisen

New features:

In order to make your gaming experience as exciting and individual as possible, you can not only choose your theme, but also your profile picture. You can also read what has happened so far in the notes. In addition, you now have the option of activating background music. So you can experience the game even more intensely!

Available: Google Play / App Store – DE, CH

Orphans – Die Waisen
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