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Otherworld Three Kingdoms

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Otherworld Three Kingdoms (by Super Planet)

A girl obsessed with the Three Kingdoms.
One day, she finds herself in the Three Kingdoms era…!

“How about I just reunite the kingdoms myself?”

An average girl joins the generals of the Three Kingdoms
to embark on a thrilling idle RPG journey.

Conquer the era with the girl in the otherworld
Endless enemies, from the Yellow Bandits to the Nan Man Army!
Form a team with the generals and reunite the kingdoms!

Otherworld Three Kingdoms

Collect your favorite, loyal generals
Zhao Yun, Lu Bu, Guan Yu. The list of legendary heroes goes on!
Collect and level up generals to break through stages!

Otherworld Three Kingdoms

Captivating action, effortless battles
Let the generals decimate the enemies with blinding skills!
Sit back and watch the battles and focus on the growth!

Otherworld Three Kingdoms

Manage and upgrade your army
Recruit and train soldiers to empower your forces.
Make a large fleet to obtain special effects!

Otherworld Three Kingdoms

Endless battlefield modes
Defend the barracks, eliminate Taotie, duel the Conqueror, or join PvP tactic battles.
Different battlefields require different tactics!

Otherworld Three Kingdoms
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