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Outlaw Cowboy – Official iOS

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Outlaw Cowboy (by Xxxp)

Outlaw Cowboy is a simulation & strategy game set in the American West. In the pioneering days of the West, the gold rush was feverish, and with the arrival of new settlers, you’ll play as a bounty hunter, conquer everything in this Wild West by taking over fertile land, forming powerful gangs, fighting outlaws, recruiting your army, and building up your town.

Capture fugitives to claim bounties
-Bounty Hunters, Outlaws, Mafia, Capitalists, Enforcers… Recreate classic western elements!
-Claim your bounty, reclaim your town’s land, and build your own town!

Outlaw Cowboy

Liberty City Building
-Luxury or streamlining? Enjoy the freedom of open-ended construction.
-Experience all four seasons, day and night. You’ve got to prepare for everything!
-A wealth of NPCs in the city, making your town less rigid!

Outlaw Cowboy

The Lawless West
-Black Jack, slots, western showdowns… One shot cowboys are free to go!
-Equipment, horses, companions… Outlaws or wise detectives, they can all be recruited under your command and wish you good luck on your journey across the border!

Outlaw Cowboy

Alliances & Social
-Embedded translation functions and alliance chat allow you to work with your allies, start your own extrajudicial gang and build a western order of your own!
-Alliances rally! Defeat powerful enemies and capture alliance strongholds.

Outlaw Cowboy

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