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Over Eclipse (JP)

Official Launch

💡Platform – Android | Ios (JP)

The description of オーバーエクリプス (by Appirits Inc.)

This work is an open world RPG that purifies the devastated world that confronts the wonders of a virus called “Hoshisuna”.

Planet Holos
A filthy world full of hosina

All living things are eroded by Hoshisna Syndrome
People are threatened by the fear of losing reason and becoming hospitable

“Purifier (Invoker)”
The only one who has the power to purify Hoshisuna

They are not heroes
They are not praised

An unclean person who pays unclean

Still they continue to purify
For the significance of my existence

Over Eclipse

The “Guardian (Etranze)” who undertakes the subjugation of “Hoshibito” eroded by “Hoshisuna” signs a contract and accompanies the “Purifier (Invoker)” journey.
Live2D® is implemented in some of the characters.

Over Eclipse

・ Protagonist (CV: Mayu Kimura)
A novice purifier, he set out for the first time outside Midgard.
He was afraid of human eyes and could only live in the shade,
He purifies the dirty land to chase “that person”.

Over Eclipse

・ Riguel (CV: Hikaru Midorikawa)
Senior of the hero. He is excellent and has a great deal of trust as a purifier.
He seems to do his job in a straightforward manner, but he has a belief in him as a purifier.
Strict guidance to the hero is also a sign of responsibility.

Over Eclipse

Battles with enemies encountered in a vast field proceed in command battles.
It also has an auto mode, so you can enjoy the world of the open world with simple battles.

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Over Eclipse
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