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Palace 3D (Kr)


‘Gung’ Now let’s enjoy it in 3D!
World’s first! Full 3D court romance,
Pouring content and unpredictable scenarios!
Everything made of my choice! I invite you to the world!

Palace 3D

Spilled content and unpredictable scenarios
Everyday content without boring time, such as gardening and promotions!
Even the scenario of reversing and reversing!
Let’s become the main character in ‘Gung’ 3D right now!

Palace 3D

Unstoppable Battle & Highly Freedom Hero
3D Turn-Based RPG, Battle to Awaken Instinct!
Even the hero with perfect collection needs!
Tactics that change depending on the hero arrangement!
The war continues until you become the last winner!

Full 3D Graphics
Come on, is this the first 3D ‘gung’?
A complete reproduction of the ancient palace!
The royal world where you can meet the first full 3D graphics!

Palace 3D

Highly Customizable
Follow your personality! To your liking!
A face that changes with one touch!
Try to complete your own character through detailed customization!

Rich Community System
Let’s be reborn as a hacker with social media!
Real-time access to hot issues in the court
Through the faction, resolution, bond, priest system,
Find your own ties in the palace where love blooms!

Thousands of costume & mansion systems
Go to the world of glamorous extreme sniper costume!
As i want! Let’s complete your own style!
Antiques of the dynasties of each era at once! Opportunity to meet!

Palace 3D
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