Panilla the Revival


Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of パニリヤ・ザ・リバイバル (by Rastar Games)

No matter how many times the world changes, no matter how many stars crawl in the night sky. I’ve always wanted to see you. It’s the beginning of a new journey.
Let’s start an adventure using the gap, the latest fantasy work of real-time battle.


Real-time ode battle operated with one finger
It has more strategies than the turn-based strategy, is more uncomfortable than the operation system, and creates infinite possibilities in real-time battles. The important thing is that the battlefield changes with advance measures, member formation and position change!


A spectacular scenario with over 1 million characters
Over 1 million characters in total! Understand this world and heroes from many people, not just the main scenario, sub-scenario, hero story, etc.!


Various contents, everyday life that does not get bored
Battles are not always one. One-on-one, one-to-five, multiple restrictions, or challenge to the limit! Prepare a variety of environments and never get bored.

Adventure never stops, online even offline
Heroes automatically earn training materials, 24 hours online at work, in class, when waking up, when sleeping, when going out and playing other games!

Official website

Available: Google Play / App Store – JP


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