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Parkour Hero: Zoo Run

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The description of Parkour Hero: Zoo Run

Jump into a world of parkour, animal heroes and endless fun! Become a Parkour Hero!

Pick your favourite animal character and explore lively levels full of various fun obstacles and enemies. Customize your appearance, train yourself and become the best in the world of Parkouria! Will you accept this challenge and be crowned as a new Parkour Hero?

Test your skills in 4 difficulty stages – EASY, MEDIUM, HARD and EXTREME! Run through both wilderness and urban areas to unlock and beat the hardest levels in this brand new fun experience.

11 CUSTOMIZABLE ANIMAL CHARACTERS – Will you choose Foxy Megan, Deer Jenny, Cookie the Giraffe, Lion Ben or someone else amongst many more? Parkour Hero offers you 11 animal characters with unique and upgradable skills. Level up and get in a world-class shape so nothing can stop you. Feel free to express yourself with great looking customizations!

Parkour Hero: Zoo Run

COMPETE AGAINST OTHERS TO BE THE BEST – Take daily challenges and perfect your parkour skills to be the fastest animal athlete. Compete with real players and become the best of them!

DYNAMIC GAMEPLAY – Run, jump, do wallruns, backflips, simply have fun! Tricks make you faster but also harder to control your character. Don’t let spiders, ghosts and other enemies slow you down! With simple and customizable controls you’ll be able to take your parkour to the next level.

Parkour Hero: Zoo Run

DIVE INTO EXCITING OPEN ENVIRONMENT – 40 levels, 4 difficulty stages, you’ll emerge into the wild world full of burning volcanoes, scary caves, rocky mountains and many more. You’ll also experience urban areas with moving obstacles such as trains, cars and other stuff you can jump over!

FREE TO PLAY ON MOBILE – Powered by the force of Unreal Engine 4 you’ll experience thrilling 3D graphics to have the best gaming experience you can get. There’s no internet connection needed.

Parkour Hero: Zoo Run

Parkour Hero: Zoo Run is an exciting combination of an animal game, sports and parkour with a newly build world just for you to discover. Choose from wild and cute animals, expand your zoo team and start your parkour race! Download the app now.

Parkour Hero: Zoo Run
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