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Perfect World: Revolution

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💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Perfect World: Revolution (by Perfect World)

NA: 05:00, 07/20 (UTC-5)

ЕС: 10:00, 07/20 (UTC+ 2)

МОРЕ: 04:00 PM, 07/20 (UTC+?)

SA: 05:00, 07/20 (UTC-3)



Perfect World: Revolution is an Eastern Fantasy MMORPG with incredible 3D graphics presented in all-new portrait mode. With the new vertical layout, the game breaks the status quo of two-handed controls, while retaining the classic elements of the original Perfect World, allowing you to easily play the game with a single hand. Welcome back to Perfect World, Seeker!

[Face the World With a Single Hand]
Enjoy the ease of controlling your character in the game’s new portrait layout. Explore vistas of air, land, and sea with just one hand.

Perfect World: Revolution

[Engage in Fast-Paced and Smooth Gameplay]
Experience impeccable graphics and the smoothest controls brought to you by years of technological innovation. Gaze upon realistic lighting and feast your eyes on a visual experience of fantasy, monsters, and thrilling victory on your way to supremacy.

Perfect World: Revolution

[Switch Between 7 Mighty Classes]
The three classic races of Human, Untamed, and Winged Elf have returned with seven major classes. The brand-new class switching system allows you to experience all the fun without any unnecessary tediousness.

Perfect World: Revolution
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Perfect World: Revolution
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