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Perfect World W

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC

The description of 完美世界W (by HUNT Games Company Limited)

“Perfect World W” is a new relaxed vertical MMO created by Perfect World IP!
The game presents players with a new 3D oriental fantasy world with high degree of freedom and diverse gameplay!

The new profession “Daosha” has arrived in a new perfect continent, and the images of the three major races have been completely upgraded!
Baguio, Xue Qi, Zhang Xiaofan and other classic characters from “Zhu Xian” gather in the perfect world!

The two top Chinese PC gaming IPs have joined forces. This time, Zulong City will reenact the love and hate of “Zhu Xian”!
New gameplay upgrades, exciting cross-server battles in the Asia-Pacific!
Innovative dual-screen design, easy to switch between horizontal and vertical screens!
There are no bottlenecks in killing monsters and upgrading, and there are no limits in the world!
This time, Perfect World IP returns in a unique dual-screen format!


[New vertical screen hang-up, new PC fun battle]
Easily hang up the game in vertical mode, switch between horizontal and vertical modes at will, and enjoy playing on all platforms on PC and mobile phones! The vertical screen allows for easy hang-up upgrades, the horizontal screen allows for the ultimate combat experience, and the PC version displays the ultimate aesthetics of the new generation, perfectly adapting to every scene! Play whenever and wherever you want!


[New generation aesthetics, new popular professions]
“Perfect World W” inherits the 20-year-old IP classic career setting, and completely upgrades the professional image based on the innovative new generation aesthetics. The super-good-looking female career is salty, sweet, sassy and desirable! At the same time, a new human profession [Knife Brake] is launched. The long sword is like a shadow, but it is fast and indestructible. He is a lone ranger and the almighty king of group output!


[New cross-server battle, new Asia-Pacific same server]
You are never alone! The new cross-server gang league is grandly launched, and the thrilling battle for everyone in the Asia-Pacific server is coming! “Perfect World W” innovates the main and secondary battlefields to support the gang league, the 3V3 in Chiyan’s old land is hotly launched, the prestige camp system is newly upgraded, and PVP and GVG battles are endless!


[The new benefits are full and the new explosion rate has soared]
How long does it take to defeat monsters? Is combat power increasing slowly? “Perfect World W” brings the fastest and most exciting upgrade experience! The main quests can be completed with one click, and the experience drop rate is greatly increased! There are also super benefits that you can receive non-stop! Upgrading quickly is no longer a dream, fight happily and never fall behind!


[New Perfect Continent New 3D World]
“Perfect World W” relies on the Unity engine and next-generation PBR rendering technology to create a truly seamless 3D open world with exquisite and exquisite image quality! Allowing players to easily enjoy battles on land, sea, and air without any blind spots, and explore freely as they wish, whether they go to heaven or earth!


Traveling through the new world is perfect with you!
The familiar battle song of “Perfect World” has already sounded, and thousands of players will gather in the new Perfect Continent and return to the battlefield of our youth!

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