Phantasy:Three Kingdoms


💡Platform – Android

The description of Phantasy (by Digging Games)

Brand new Three Kingdoms game!
More than 100 heros, choose your allies!
Use equipments, mounts and treasures to build your team!

Real Three Kingdoms battle! Use strategy to win!
Falling rocks, Sword rain, air raid! Mix and give them a deadly strike!

Phantasy:Three Kingdoms

Range your own city!
Free to choose the constructions!

Phantasy:Three Kingdoms

Expand your land!
Fight with your allies, occupy and expand your land to get rewards.

Phantasy:Three Kingdoms

You will be almighty!
Benifits, rare items and heros waiting for you!
Join and feel the charm of this Three Kindoms world!

Phantasy:Three Kingdoms
Phantasy:Three Kingdoms

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