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PiMe Online – Pixel Metaverse

Official Launch – Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of PiMe Online – Pixel Metaverse (by FALCON GLOBAL LTD)

Get ready for a new stunning online metaverse game

Let’s meet your friends from all over your metaverse world! Build, chat, and play with friends online in PiMe – Pixel Metaverse game

Immersed yourself in the world of fun and make memorable moments in the virtual playground – PiMe World

Pixel Metaverse, its name depicts everything, is a metaverse project that uniquely blends a social platform with an online virtual game that lets you role-play as anyone you want and do anything you like in an ever-expanding world.

The world of PiMe consists of various areas, each with a unique and immersive design. Players can interact with different elements in each area (e.g. enter a building, play mini-games or interact with NPCs, etc.) as well as interact with other players (e.g. chat, hug, compete in mini-games, etc.) given the right conditions.

PiMe Online - Pixel Metaverse

1. A metaverse playground
Encounter and socialize with like-minded players from around the world.
Going fishing under the sunshine, camping and singing around the fire, building your dream home.
Meet new friends at the PiMe Plaza, go shopping, or enjoy various minigames at the Game Center like hide and seek, candy cup challenge, and boomer man,…
You can see and experience all of them in just one game.
What is more?
Find your own gang of friends, go to the far-away land to find the most precious items, and create a world of your own!
Every day is challenging at PiMe

PiMe Online - Pixel Metaverse
PiMe Online - Pixel Metaverse

2. Unique style and identity
Costume customization allows you to have a unique look that truly represents yourself and adds more value to your fashion collection. Express yourself with costumes and accessories!
PiMe-ers can craft out their own items either to do a make-over for themselves or sell it on Metamall as well as Market.
Only you can define who you are.
Found your fashion brand, why not?

PiMe Online - Pixel Metaverse

3. Be on top of the world
PiMe owns a diversity of mini-games that are skill-based, and story-driven, providing thrilling competitions for all players such as Go Fishing, Bomberman, Gunthrow, Red Light Green Light, Racing game, etc. Players will experience a fascinating pixel world full of thrilling challenges and enraging dangers lurking in every corner.

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PiMe Online - Pixel Metaverse
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