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Pirate Legends: Survival Island

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The description of Pirate Legends: Survival Island

Pirate Legends: Survival Island is a free game with elements of shooter, strategy and sea battles about survival and fighting for the pirate crown. Take possession of the wild islands that are teeming with cannibals, enemy pirates and predatory animals.

Pirate Legends: Survival Island

Manage to survive and not become prey where all living things are hunting you! Discover new archipelagos, rob other people’s ships, defeat bosses, upgrade your ship, and battle with the Pirate King!

Pirate Legends: Survival Island

Turn on your tactics and strategic thinking – you can not only survive, but also complete quests that will guide you through an exciting storyline! And most importantly – quests will take you to friends in trouble…

Pirate Legends: Survival Island

You are a brave pirate who challenged the Pirate King and lost the battle. It’s your fault the aborigines captured your friends, so you have to set them free! Build the ship, enhance its weapons, look for clues and artifacts, and unravel secrets to get closer to the main goal – to win and become the Pirate King!

Pirate Legends: Survival Island

During the game, you will:
– Hunt and get food
– Get resources for construction
– Explore unknown islands and archipelagos
– Open secret caves and temples with chests
– Create unique weapons
– Fit out your ship
– Defend yourself against aggressive fauna of the islands
– Defeat aborigines and pirates
– Complete tasks and quests to find a way to defeat the Captain and his servants and put on the Pirate King’s crown.

Pirate Legends: Survival Island

Do not waste your time – collect resources, renew and repair your ship, ‘cause it is your main weapon in pirate wars!

Pirate Legends: Survival Island

The thing to remember is – don’t panic and keep in mind the following tips:
– You need to hunt and find edible resources – they satisfy hunger and thirst, otherwise you’ll die. Welcome to survival!
– Explore all the islands and discover new archipelagos. Each island is endowed with resources, and you will even find chests with valuable loot on some of them.

– Think over the strategy and tactics of your further actions, calculate your travel resources correctly or you’ll die!
– These islands are not for friendship and sentiment – your ship is the only safe place for you.
– Beware of other players and their ships – they will definitely want to take everything you have in your backpack and rob your ship. Win or die!

– Get resources that you will find on the islands. They will be needed for crafting weapons and tools necessary for survival – this is real survival, don’t forget it!
– All the animals living on these islands want to eat you! Defeat them to get valuable resources from each animal, or run – otherwise you’ll die!

– Your enemies on the islands are local aborigines. Don’t even try to become their friend – you are a walking lunch for them!
– Pirates: now you are obviously an enemy or prey for each of them. Attack first!

Pirate Legends: Survival Island is a free game, but you’ll also have the ability to buy content for real money, such as weapons, resources, a premium account, and game currency. You must be 13 years old to download the game!

Pirate Legends: Survival Island
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