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Pitstop in Purgatory

Official Launch + APK | DEMO

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Pitstop in Purgatory (by Tymedust Games)

Dang, you’re dead!

Astrid wakes up in Purgatory and has to make peace with her death. Only problem is… she doesn’t remember anything! Point and click your way through adventure-based gameplay mixed with visual novel storytelling, and solve the mystery of our heroine’s untimely demise.

Pitstop in Purgatory
Pitstop in Purgatory
Pitstop in Purgatory

* Experience a unique story consisting of 46k+ words across five routes that form a full storyline together.
* Enjoy point and click gameplay that mixes adventure and exploration with visual novel storytelling.
* Feel your way through a charming, funny, dramatic and moving narrative full of compelling characters, brought to life by partial voice acting.
* Marvel at sprites, backgrounds, special scenes and inventory items all drawn in a beautiful and unique style.
* Unlock 65+ hidden items, including database entries and gallery images.
* Bop your head to a dynamic soundtrack composed by popular YouTube artist Endigo.

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