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Pixel Hero

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 픽셀 히어로 (by Ujoy Games)

1024 free gifts just by logging in!
Don’t stress out anymore!

The journey of the adventurers chosen by the goddess,
With light and darkness, dragons and demons
We invite you to the land of adventure, “Emong”.

One-pick RPG with 1,024 draws for free!
So far, there has been no such benefit.
With heroes pouring in without getting tired of it
Enjoy an even richer adventure!

픽셀 히어로

One pick for pixel art and high-quality illustrations!
Dot graphics that evoke the nostalgia of adventurers
A meeting of high-quality live 2D illustrations that seem to be alive and breathing,
Experience the adventure with your one pick!

One pick of various adventures with strategies & battles!
Through various attributes, skills, and placements
Experience strategic and colorful battles!

픽셀 히어로

One pick for nurturing with hero-customized costumes and equipment!
Grow heroes by leveling up and promoting,
Through various fostering systems such as custom costumes
Watch the fun of my hero growing up!

RPG competition enjoyed in PVP is one pick!
Integrated server ranking match with random matching
A place where you can show off your skills acquired through adventure
Become a one-pick adventurer from the arena to the eternal prince!

픽셀 히어로

The fun of adventure with colleagues is one pick!
Defeat powerful colleagues and guild bosses,
Even large-scale GVGs that battle other guilds
Enjoy a solid adventure through the community!

Available: Google Play / App Store – Korea

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