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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 馬賽克英雄 – 阿亮送1024抽 (by More2Game Ltd.)

“Mosaic Heroes – The Brave Loves the Evil Dragon” is a high-welfare pixel-style idle RPG masterpiece. You will play the executor of the goddess of light to prevent the demons from awakening the lord of the demon world “Kantas” and save the turbulent magic world Eamon’. Here, you can meet and recruit heroes of various races with unique skills, form your own executor team, and thwart the conspiracy of the demons; you can also explore the unique stories behind each hero and experience an epic and magnificent plot!

Casual and relaxed, placed in Buddhist style
Play and stop at any time, it is super exciting to nourish the liver and protect the liver!
The executor team will fight automatically, and the reward game can be used to quickly claim the reward.
There are also cute beasts and pets to collect offline rewards for you!

馬賽克英雄 - 阿亮送1024抽

Massive benefits, thanksgiving gift
When you sign in, you will get a sweetheart nanny, and you can get a cute girl with the first charge!
Five stars will be awarded for the first draw, and VIP will be given for upgrades!
Conscience giant system, many benefits!

Infinite possibilities, strategic elements
40 heroes are on the stage for the first time, with different camps, position adjustments, skills, tattoos, and infinite possible strategic elements to help you defeat the enemy! Move your fingers, enjoy the fun of strategic matching with simple operations!

馬賽克英雄 - 阿亮送1024抽

Rich gameplay, capable of Buddha and liver
Combining traditional idle gameplay, fighting, collecting, and developing!
Unlock the hero’s background story and listen to the exclusive carol played by time!
There are also Forgotten River, Eternal Throne, and Endless Sea waiting for you to explore!

Hot-blooded gladiatorial battle, peak competition
Sign up for your unique team to compete with players from all over the world,
Climb to the pinnacle throne and enjoy the worship of thousands of people!

馬賽克英雄 - 阿亮送1024抽

Passionate guild, fight side by side
Join the guild, make friends from all over the world,
Unlimited passion, challenge the guild expedition,
Don’t be afraid of challenges, strive to be the strongest alliance!
There are also a wealth of guild activities, generous gifts between members, to create the most humane guild alliance!

FB official fan group: https://www.facebook.com/fkzj2022/

馬賽克英雄 - 阿亮送1024抽

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