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Pixel Heroes:Idle War

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Pixel Heroes:Idle War (by moveleu)

In this land, people were leading a quiet and peaceful life, until that day – a great rift appeared in the sky, and countless people were sucked into that rift. As a member of the Human Security Department, you found that only through this game can you enter that dimension to save them! So you and other summoners embarked on an interdimensional adventure, a fresh and exciting journey is about to start!

Pixel Heroes:Idle War

Break away from the conventional trading card game, players can get various characters without recharging and card drawing. What you need to do is enjoy exploring the mysterious world and dungeons! There you will meet many hero partners with different abilities and stories. Use resources effectively to train them, and they will be very helpful in the following challenges.

Pixel Heroes:Idle War

Game Features:
Idle – This is a game for lazy people, so to speak. If you are a “Buddha-like” player and want to get a relaxing game experience through busy work and life, then this game is the best choice. Without much effort, your hero squad will auto-fight for you all day. As long as you and your heroes are strong enough, you can keep going. Well, it’s still necessary to come back and sell the equipment and materials that you no longer need. After all, the backpack will get full!

Pixel Heroes:Idle War

Pixels – Maybe you’re already tired of 3D, 2D, and Western Cartoon styles. Remember the joy of playing Contra? That retro pixel art is still amazing now. However, pixels do not mean poor image quality. On the contrary, the high-precision pixel art can better show the cuteness of heroes.

Development – Different from traditional card games, the source of combat power is not limited to the cards. The development of equipment and artifacts will greatly improve the gameplay. There are interesting connections between different weapons and equipment, which awaits you guys to discover.

Pixel Heroes:Idle War

Monsters – The theme of another dimension is definitely monsters! Here you are about to meet slimes, skeletons, minotaurs, octopuses and flame dragons, etc. The good news is that you can control the level of the monsters. Merge low-level monsters into high-level bosses, and choose one of the three levels of “Normal”, “Elite”, and “Boss” to challenge.

We have always believed that game is to bring joy to players and should not kidnap their time. Here you can idle and let your heroes auto-fight, you can also have an exciting dungeon exploring in your spare time.

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Available: Google Play – SEA

Pixel Heroes:Idle War

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