Pixel Knights:Idle RPG

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Pixel Knights:Idle RPG (by X7 Game)

The description of Pixel Knights App
Attention! This is a 2D fantasy addictive game! Please stay cool, and try not to be obsessed!
This adventure game is developed for brave people, which is just like the one in your dream!
The evil power invaded this 2D world! Brave Knights, only you can create the miracles!

Pixel Knights:Idle RPG

There is a way for you to save this world!!
First, let’s be a knight!
Then, you can hire various mercenarys as much as you can to build your own Avengers!
Now, it is time to thrash all the golems!

Pixel Knights:Idle RPG

Classic Pixel Art*
With 2D fantasy storyline and humorous dialogues*
Auto-play allows you to gain experience, coins, and resources 24/7 without you actually playing it! Upgrading your characters becomes the simplest thing ever!*
You would never know what is waiting for you while mining. Is it the treasure or the mine boss?*
More than 400 heroes with own powerful skill are trained to help you light up this world again!*
Are you ready to build your dream team and make your enemy says ”you set me up”?

Pixel Knights:Idle RPG

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