Pixel Warchess

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Pixel Warchess (by LEANDONPLAY)

Pixel Warchess is a brand new strategy game that combines the fun of Battle Chess and Hero Collection!
You must not miss it if you love the fun of collecting heroes and outwitting your enemies!
Now follow me into this exciting world and become the top strategist!

This is a world inhabited by Humans, Beasts, Abominations, and AIs
A fragile world coveted by the Void Lords
Waves of monsters swarmed in from the dimensional rift
The world is on the brink of total destruction
This is when four great leaders emerged
They led their people to drive the invaders off
Now, it’s time to face the ultimate challenge…

Get rich EXP and items even while you are away!
Log In Reward, Daily Reward, Weekly Reward… Countless Rewards!
Thrilling Battles!
A perfect combination of collection of strategy!
Numerous game modes and events await!

Four Races at your disposal
Humans, Beasts, Abominations, and AIs. Each of them has its unique traits and skills. Switch between them freely and explore the possibilities of combinations!

Pixel Warchess

Configure the Hero Skills
Each of the Heroes has its own skill sets. Upgrade them and ascend them to build your unique lineup!

Pixel Warchess

Ever-changing Battles
Daytime and nighttime affect the battle differently. Their random occurrence makes the battle totally unpredictable. You’ll find different enemies when you enter the battle at different times. Learn to utilize new Heroes and new Skills and win the battle with your wit!

Pixel Warchess

Balanced Competition
Each move of your heroes may lead the battle to a different result. Think carefully before giving your orders, as the tide of battle can be turned in an instant!

Official Facebook Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/Pixel-Warchess-115800264444328/

Pixel Warchess

Created by ©PalmassGames

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