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Planet Rush: Space shooter

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Planet Rush: Space shooter (by Tap Swap Games)

Merciless space is waiting for new heroes! Challenge the alien aggressor and save the universe from destruction in this roguelike shooting game.

Planet Rush is an arcade shooter with RPG elements, designed for fans of space action games with an exciting strategic storyline!


Various game modes
Planet Rush is an unusual roguelike shooter with special game modes. The game mode is a special kind of activity in which the standard gameplay is supplemented with various interesting elements and mechanics. The mode adds variety to the usual gameplay and helps to get even more fun from the game.
Battles of survival
Destroy invaders and fight epic bosses! Use autofire at full power. Ruthless action battles with hordes of ground and flying enemies are waiting for you.
Upgrade your fighter
Improve your skills, learn new talents, and unlock powerful weapons and armor. Arm your space hero with the finest guns in the entire Universe and crush the alien army!
Discover new planets
Planet Rush is not just a sci-fi shooter, it’s a game with vivid graphics, detailed drawing of characters and locations. Visit the most beautiful worlds that have fallen under the onslaught of a space invader.

* Planet Rush is a free shooting game, however, some items in the game can be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to make in-game purchases, simply disable this option on your device. In accordance with our Terms of use and privacy policy, only users over the age of 7 can download and play Planet Rush. *

If you prefer dynamic Sci-fi shooter games, vibrant 3d shooter games with diverse worlds, Roguelike games with RPG elements and you are not indifferent to battles with hordes of alien robots, then download Planet Rush. Merciless space is waiting for new heroes!

Planet Rush: Space shooter
Planet Rush: Space shooter
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