Pocket Ant Kingdom

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Pocket Ant Kingdom (by chenqi)

Pocket Ant Kingdom is a strategic, multiplayer exploration game with tower defense elements. You control an ant colony through excavations and evolutions, exploring territories, building nests, evolving heroes, and training troops. You will attack and defend against enemies using strategies and formations, and control worker ants to discover ruins and ancient human civilizations. Start your ant civilization now!

Excavate & Explore
Deploy worker ants to excavate and explore lost human civilizations. Be careful! You may encounter treasures or predators lurking in the darkness.

Pocket Ant Kingdom

Play on Global Servers
Join a Guild and meet like-minded people around the world. Take part in events to earn amazing rewards and benefits.

Pocket Ant Kingdom

Place Ant Nests Freely
Create unique formations using walls and defensive towers by strategically placing buildings.

Pocket Ant Kingdom

Utilize Troop Types & Tactics
Evolve ant species to learn unique abilities and deploy battle tactics.

Pocket Ant Kingdom

Gather Unique Heroes
Collect famous heroes from different eras to lead your armies.

Pocket Ant Kingdom

Collect hidden treasures.
Use mystical items from ancient human civilizations to turn the tide of battle.

Pocket Ant Kingdom

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