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Pocket Heroes: Light of Tribe


Pocket Heroes: Light of Tribe

The description of Pocket Heroes: Light of Tribe

Fire and Glory is an idle game with highlights that are different from traditional idle games, seemingly casual yet a hard-core game.
Fire and Glory has a lot of fun game play for you to interact with, with addictive and exciting core gameplay. Collecting a various of heroes to create unique formations, grow your heroes and swap them into stonger heroes, and the most important, you don’t need to worry when you are busy, just get online whenever you have time and claim the rewards, which fits easily into your daily routine.

Feel Free to Enjoy the Bonuses

Pocket Heroes: Light of Tribe

Send your hero team to complete the campaigns, and “Skip” the battle to claim rewards directly! Daily task routine? Just tap claim all and you’ll receive all the rewards. Play anytime, anywhere without being disturbed by phone calls or any other things.

Create Unique Formations

Pocket Heroes: Light of Tribe

Hundreds of heroes from different factions with hundreds of independent skills! Forge cool equipments with better stats and equip them, campaigns has neven been so easy to challenge! There’s no such thing as “fixed”, you can always adjust the front and back row, efficiency matters! You need to match equipment with faction heroes, and a little strategy, and simply enjoy the game.

Tons of Content and System

Pocket Heroes: Light of Tribe

The Babel, dungeons, gardens, hero quests, and most important, hero evolution! Holy Tree Trial, Arena, and the Guild! There are many things to do, with seasonal events and special festival events, you won’t get bored at all!

Return Guild to Its Former Glory

Guild exploration, guild battles and other guild contents are fun and exciting! Create the strongest guild with global players and dominate the continent!
Participate in the Crystal League, Starry War, Trail of Champion, and team-up Arena, engage in battles with players around and move to the top of the ranking!

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Status: Apk
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