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Pocket Trainer DX (Kr)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Pocket Trainer DX

The sensibility of the original animation continues with a movie-quality super-high-definition screen! Let’s become the protagonist of this world, including A,S,S+ monster collection, fierce dungeon adventure, easy training system, and Guild elite battles!

—Super high quality of all time—
The visual impact of the ultra-high definition screen and special effects of the movie class!
It seems that the most spectacular special moves of all time are movie screens!

Pocket Trainer DX

—Raising system—
You can collect 200 kinds of monsters!
Anyone can develop lightly with a variety of character development systems!

Pocket Trainer DX

—Jinhyung Li-up —-
A characteristic lineup that goes beyond the limits of a single monster!
Let’s make the strongest formation with skill balance and lie-up strategy!

Pocket Trainer DX

—Original Sotori reproduction—
A classic story that reproduces the original, the impression of that time as a mobile game!
Let’s enjoy the charming monsters and the original story!

Pocket Trainer DX

—Cool PVP system—
Let’s go out in a fierce elite confrontation using your memory skills!
Let’s challenge ourselves as the world’s strongest trainer with your own formation!

Pocket Trainer DX

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