Pocket War Puzzles

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The description of Pocket War Puzzles

Step into the role of Captain of the world’s first airship, and lead your crew of masterful heroes on an adventure of a lifetime! With all new heroes to train and collect, you need to brave the dangers ahead with new and explosive match 3 RPG mechanics that takes the genre further than ever!

Pocket War Puzzles

As Captain, you must save a fantasy world where elves drill for oil, dwarves collect coal for uncaring barons, and the seas are uncontrollable! Take the battle to a unique and colorful cast of enemies that are bound to entice you to make one more move!

Mixing puzzle gameplay and true RPG mechanics, Pocket War Puzzles lets you upgrade your airship, improve your heroes, and explore nail biting stories where you are the Hero!

What are you waiting for? We’re giving you an airship and spooky skeleton heroes! Go get ’em, Captain!

Pocket War Puzzles

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