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Poky Mobile – CMN (VN)

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The puzzle game “Legend of childhood” is now available on the mobile gaming platform.

The legendary diamond folding game, experiencing childhood memories.
Poky Mobile was first launched with a version of the web game on the web games portal in 2015, creating an unprecedented hobby. Thanks to the game of diamonds and the capture of unique pets, Poky Mobile quickly became the largest community with more than 500,000 players and became an unforgettable memory for many generations of gamers.

Poky Mobile - CMN

Receiving wishes and comments from players, Poky Mobile released Poky Mobile products for mobile devices with comprehensive updating and optimization of gameplay, graphics and maximum user convenience. ,
Poky Mobile – a unique game with diamonds in Vietnam, developed by the Vietnamese

Poky Mobile - CMN

Players Join Poky Mobile will collect for themselves a line of 6 pets, including 1 main pet and 5 pets. When pulling diamonds, you can accumulate enough energy using the skills of the main pet or pet support.
Each pet in Poky Mobile has 4 unique skills, over 400 pets and will continue to update more

Poky Mobile - CMN

The game was researched and developed by the Vietnamese, always following the aspirations of the Vietnamese gamers.
Poky Mobile – 6 pet systems that counteract each other
Poky Mobile consists of 6 systems “Tree”, “Fire”, “Water”, “Lightning”, “Light” and “Darkness”, which oppose each other, create wealth and are extremely tactful in organizing the squad.

Poky Mobile - CMN

Poky Mobile – a leisurely and fun time-saving gameplay
Thanks to the gameplay of the famous Diamond line, players, regardless of which of them left the network, leave the network, receive gifts, materials from sub-versions, time-saving entertainment products suitable for all tasks and exchanges.

Poky Mobile - CMN

Poky Mobile – a unique real-time arena
Vietnam’s unique real-time arena feature allows players to directly compete with diamond players against other players, demonstrating the technique and strength of their pet.
Now download and experience the exciting world of Poky Mobile.

Poky Mobile - CMN
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