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Poly Odyssey: Tome Heroes

Early Access(CBT)+Apk

💡Platform – Android

Closed Test Time: 30/7/2021 at 12:00:00 – 10/8/2021

💡 Gift Code: R7UMzZ5v

The description of Poly Odyssey (by HONGKONG IPOCKET)

In Poly Odyssey: Tome Heroes you have crossed over into the world inside a book, and as the chosen one must gather heroes of all races and lead your party of heroes against all kinds of challenges and battles.

Game Features:
[Easy to Pick up and Play]
Your heroes are fighting all the time, even when you’re not! Log in to claim accumulated rewards instantly. Fight monsters and defeat the demonic invasion!

Poly Odyssey: Tome Heroes

[Mix and Match Strategies]
With multiple races and professions, as well as varied hero designs each with their own skills, effects and weaknesses, no battle will be the same!

Poly Odyssey: Tome Heroes

[Immersive ARPG combat]
Hero bonds, weaknesses, formations, skill combos and much more are all important factors in developing your strategies. Battles are random and uncertain, so explore various match ups for to defeat the enemy!

Poly Odyssey: Tome Heroes

[Awesome 3D Graphics]
Poly Odyssey: Tome Heroes has a unique fantasy setting and characters rendered in fun and colorful 3D graphics!

Poly Odyssey: Tome Heroes
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Poly Odyssey: Tome Heroes

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