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Portal Wars – Official iOS

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Portal Wars (by Reality MagiQ, Inc.)

‘Portal Wars’ is a quarter-view battle royale game in which you must survive until the end for a certain period of time on a random map to win.

– Strategic real-time 8-person battle!
Know where the battle sounds are coming from and play strategically.
When an enemy runs near me, I hear footsteps.
You can hear my footsteps, so move carefully.

Portal Wars

– Get a box with various items hidden in the battlefield!
When the portal opens, various reward boxes await in the battlefield.
Get the box faster than anyone else.

Portal Wars

– Grow your hero to create your own fighting style!
Summon legendary heroes with various characteristics such as balance, extreme damage, short range, and long range.
Develop your own unique hero with a combination of various items, powerful options and brilliant skills.

Portal Wars

– Simple one-handed combat method!
You can enjoy splendid battles with just drag, swipe, and double tap.

Enter the portal right now and fight against heroes from around the world to win!

Portal Wars

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