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Position Ace

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Position Ace (by StarFortune)

About this game:
*Doomsday Features + Strategy
– Use Combat Buildings to protect yourself and defeat your enemies
– A perfect combination of Strategy and Casual features
*Special and Powerful Capos
– Recruit special Capos in the Bar
– Enhance your Capos to help you win battles
*Build Your Territory to Defend against Enemies

Game Introduction:
Use your gangsters to fight against wanderers and mutant creatures and expand your territory!
Use dozens of Defensive Weapons to defend yourself from enemy attacks.
Build various Training Camps to train your gangsters.
Upgrade your outpost by using resources obtained from battles to rebuild, develop, and expand your territory.

Position Ace

You can use and enhance 3 different types of gangsters. Use them wisely to win the battle!
Mob: they use melee weapons to beat their enemies.
Killer: they know how to use all kinds of guns.
Buster: they drive their motorcycles to crush all enemies.

Use the Talent Skills to gain advantages in battles.
Enhance your Capos to help you better.

Position Ace

Worldview Introduction:
A sudden catastrophe breaks the world order. There are hungry wanderers and horrible mutant creatures everywhere. Although you survived the doomsday, winning this battle is not easy. In the chaos, people create gangs to fight for territory, food, and resources to survive. The city needs a leader who can bring everyone together. You have to recruit Capos from every corner of the city, whether they are wanderers, mercenaries, or businessmen. Keep fighting to survive!

Position Ace

Capo Brief:
Build your territory by recruiting Capos from the Bar and every corner of the city. As your territory grows stronger, powerful Capos will come to join you from all over the world. Capos can assist you in all aspects. Excellent leaders can use their Capos wisely, allowing them to perform their specialties and eliminate enemies.

Available: Google Play – USA

Position Ace
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